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Security risk management

Security risk management is an ongoing process to ensure that an organisations security position is maintained at a level that reflects the organisation’s approach to risk.

Security is about protecting people, property, and information and is therefore as essential to an organisation as its people, property, and information are.

A security risk management framework should provide an organisation with the ability to continually review its internal activities and their impact on the likelihood an attack against it.

It should also allow for the organisation to understand its position geographically so that any changes in threats are identified, understood, and can be responded to if necessary.

BB7’s security consultants have worked with a range of organisations and understand the need for risk-based solutions. Our consultants have a detailed understanding of many countries and can provide you with information relevant to your organisation and your location.

This means that our solutions are tailored to you. There is no ‘one size ts all’ approach to security, and your management system should be specific to you.

Our consultants are able to measure the effectiveness of your security in a consistent, objective, way to provide you with the assurance that what your policy and procedure say should be done, is being done. We can also work with you to identify best practice across your own organisation so that learning opportunities between sites are not lost.

Procedural improvements are often the most simple and cost effective outcome of an assessment, and represent a real opportunity to make significant improvements.

Integrity and Penetration testing

A security system is only effective if it is tested regularly and subjected to objective scrutiny. An organisation that wants a system to work will more than likely conclude that it does work, so the only real way to gain assurance is to use an independent third party.

Our testers will provide you with the information you need to educate staff and improve procedures wherever necessary.Our tests will also identify any opportunity for social engineering to be used against your staff and your organisation so that learning opportunities are identi ed.

People are often an organisation’s most important asset, but they can also be its greatest vulnerability. We can help you to understand where your vulnerabilities are, and provide you with support to improve and manage them.

Security and risk awareness training

People are an organisation’s greatest asset, but if they are not properly trained and fully engaged they can become a weakness, intentionally or otherwise.

Staff members throughout an organisation should understand the importance of business protection measures and the role they play in ensuring that these measures are properly implemented.

Service portfolio

  • Security risk management and mitigation

  • Protective security, counter terrorism and integrated system design

  • System integrity and penetration testing

  • Personnel protection, governance and risk exposure analysis

  • Security and risk awareness training

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