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Cyber security is now one of the most critical strands of modern business resilience.

Cyber security is now one of the most critical strands of modern business resilience. With over 80% of large businesses in the UK falling victim to some form of cyber-attack in 2013 and each breach costing between £0.6 and £1.2 million, businesses are more likely to suffer loss from a cyber-attack than any other form of crime or intrusion.


A multi-layered approach to reduce significantly the possibility of cyber-attacks taking place, with a focus on the human component.

Threat analysis

BB7 will engage with all key stakeholders in your business resilience team to determine for you the likely threats that you face, now and in the future.

Full spectrum penetration testing

Beyond simply probing the firewalls, a sanctioned team ‘attack’ on your corporation will reveal all possible attack vectors, technical and human, including testing of staff procedures through social engineering. The penetration test will allow your organisation to understand how your security is seen from an attacker’s perspective.

Strengthen and repairs

Following a penetration test, BB7 will report its findings and make recommendations to fix the holes identified. This will usually include a combination of technical fixes, essential policy changes and staff security training to recognise forms of attack by email, by phone and in person.


BB7 can help you to develop a robust response strategy and, if the worst-case scenario becomes a reality, provide world-class first response technical investigators who can unravel attacks, identify attackers and promote expeditious business recovery.

Service portfolio

  • Security risk assessment

  • Security Vulnerability Assessment

  • Site survey

  • Security risk management

  • System testing and condition report

  • System audit

  • Procedural development · Integrity and Penetration testing

  • Key Personnel exposure analysis

  • Security and risk awareness training

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